SOULFLY Sodomites

Lyrics from muzichii Sites SOULFLY Sodomites Lyrics, singer by SOULFLY

I am about to bring war upon you
I will kill your people in front of your idols.
The place will be littered with corpses and you will know that I alone
I am the Lord
[Ezekiel 6:3:47]

I am the brethren marked by the banishment
My tribe wage war until god decimates

Sodomites [4x]

There shall be no whores of the daughters of Israel.
Nor a sodomite of the sons of Israel.
[Genesis 19:24]

Wines of Sodom
Sin of Gomorrah
Dissolved by flame
In Leviathan’s den

Hail hosanna
Slaying the prophets
Rape the covenant
None shall escape

Sodomites [4x]

Sin of flesh
Tempest rasp
Serpent lion
Jebel usdum
I am possessed


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